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Target has been conceived, designed and developed by

  -B. Sc. Physics and Mathematics
  -Dipl. Civil and Industrial Engineer  National University of Chile
  -IT Program for Fiscal Systems P.G. University of Harvard U.S.A
  -IT Projects Management P.G. Andes University, Colombia

  -Former alternate National Director of the Internal Tax Service
   of Chile
  -Former National Deputy Director for Audit of the Internal Tax
   Service of Chile
  -International Tax Administration Consultant (World Bank, CIAT, 
   IDB,USAID, UN-ECOSOC, UNDP) in several countries of Europe,South 
   and Central America and Asia
  -Tax Administration Modernization Project Manager at Hungary, 
   Colombia and Ecuador

Target is copyrighted  and protected by International Laws
  -Nr. 99.685, Nr. 100.037 Copyright Office of Chile